February 5 equinox astrology

Unbeknownst to the ancient astrologers, the Earth continually wobbles around its axis in a 25,year cycle.

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This wobble—called precession—is caused by the gravitational attraction of the Moon on Earth's equatorial bulge. Over the past two-and-a-half millennia, this wobble has caused the intersection point between the celestial equator and the ecliptic to move west along the ecliptic by 36 degrees, or almost exactly one-tenth of the way around.

This means that the signs have slipped one-tenth—or almost one whole month—of the way around the sky to the west, relative to the stars beyond. For instance, those born between March 21 and April 19 consider themselves to be Aries. Today, the Sun is no longer within the constellation of Aries during much of that period.

From March 11 to April 18, the Sun is actually in the constellation of Pisces! Figure 2 See also Figure 3 , which demonstrates the precession of the equinoxes from BCE to The table below lists the dates when the Sun is actually within the astronomical constellations of the Zodiac, according to modern constellation boundaries and corrected for precession these dates can vary a day from year to year. You will most likely find that once precession is taken into account, your zodiac sign is different.

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And if you were born between November 29 and December 17, your sign is actually one you never saw in the newspaper: you are an Ophiuchus! The eliptic passes through the constellation of Ophiuchus after Scorpius. Have a news tip, correction or comment? Let us know at community space. The simple life is not for you and over the coming year you will go out of your way to follow a path that leads in all sorts of weird and wonderful directions.

Because life is more fun when you never know what each new day will bring!

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Try not to do anything too silly today. Try not to do anything that even by your standards is way over the top. To you it may be just a piece of harmless fun but other people may not be so relaxed about it. There are limits Aries. If you are having doubts about a financial matter it may well be that your subconscious mind is trying to inform you of something you need to know.

Shut out all the noisy chatter and listen to your inner voice. Then do what it tells you. Something you thought was quite straightforward will take a turn for the worse and to begin with you will be at a loss to know why. There are though a number of clues which can help you. Why do you believe what you believe? That question will be much on your mind today.

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You need to find out if your thoughts are your own thoughts or if, as you suspect, they are thoughts that have been planted in your head by other people. Since when have you been the sort to care what the world thinks of you? Let them know about it. There is absolutely no reason why you should have to put up with second rate work. Stay calm and stay focused on your No. With the sun moving through the most dynamic area of your chart most things will go well for you now but there will inevitably be a setback or two.

If someone offers you some kind of deal today you would be wise to think about it long and hard before accepting. According to the planets there could be strings attached — the kind that tie you in knots rather than hold you up! The reason a loved one is acting a little bit cold toward you at the moment is because you said or did something that upset them. If you have no idea what it is then you must ask them.

They are, after all, more sensitive than you.

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You have been pushing yourself extremely hard in recent weeks and need to go easier on yourself. Yes, it could be painful, so heed the warning.

spoonettimarhatch.tk Be assertive, but steer clear of outright aggression. Discover more about yourself at sallybrompton.

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    February 5 equinox astrology
    February 5 equinox astrology
    February 5 equinox astrology
    February 5 equinox astrology
    February 5 equinox astrology
    February 5 equinox astrology
    February 5 equinox astrology
    February 5 equinox astrology
    February 5 equinox astrology

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