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Internet of Things

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Quitter vue mobile. Carte du ciel du moment. For 11 years, the Swiss company Belimo has been active as a pioneer in the Internet of Things. Gert Brettlecker, long-serving project manager and software engineer at development partner Ergon Informatik AG, looks back and summarises some key insights. Read the full article.

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To help you meet the future needs of connected buildings, Belimo has developed intelligent devices for HVAC systems that improve efficiency and provide greater comfort. With intelligent cloud connectivity, you can now more easily optimize, service, and maintain your buildings. The Internet of Things is opening up a new era of possibilities, making it easier than ever to collaborate with partners to offer new products.

But it also presents a number of operational concerns and adoption barriers.

These include everything from security and privacy to data sharing and data overload. Find out more on the Belimo Cloud Ecosystem, interfaces to partners and how Belimo can help to overcome the challenges.

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Cloud connectivity may make your HVAC systems smarter, but critical performance data needs to be safe and secure. Another key IoT challenge is data privacy — namely who controls the data and who sees it. Belimo stores all system data in a secure cloud in which only the authorized user has access to their data. This account also provides access to a user-friendly and customizable web application interface. The Belimo Cloud Ecosystem guarantees maximum reliability and efficiency for connected Belimo components, performance devices and HVAC-Solutions and their applications in the internet.

Secured connections enable data transfer and accessibility to and from the core cloud, the device data and account management.

follow site Every produced device is known in the cloud. This fact combined with https secured connections make communication safe. Belimo knows different cloud connectivity types on its products.

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  4. The API documentation and access tokens are available for Belimo approved developers. For more information, please contact your Belimo representative. Permanent Ethernet connection enables the device to have permanent data exchange and instant remote access from and to the cloud through device API.

    Point de vue images du monde horoscope
    Point de vue images du monde horoscope
    Point de vue images du monde horoscope
    Point de vue images du monde horoscope
    Point de vue images du monde horoscope

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