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Carry an acorn in your pocket when you go to an interview or business meeting; it will be bring you good luck.

Celtic Tree Astrology

If you catch a falling Oak leaf before it hits the ground, you'll stay healthy the following year. Although the Oak ruled in the previous month, its counterpart, the Holly, takes over in July.

This evergreen plant reminds us all year long about the immortality of nature. The Holly moon was called Tinne , pronounced chihnn-uh , by the Celts, who knew the potent Holly was a symbol of masculine energy and firmness. The ancients used the wood of the Holly in the construction of weapons, but also in protective magic. Hang a sprig of Holly in your house to ensure good luck and safety to your family.

Wear as a charm, or make Holly Water by soaking leaves overnight in spring water under a full moon — then use the water as a blessing to sprinkle on people or around the house for protection and cleansing.

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The Hazel Moon was known to the Celts as Coll , which translates to "the life force inside you. Hazelnuts are also associated with wisdom and protection. Hazel is often associated in Celtic lore with sacred wells and magical springs containing the salmon of knowledge. This is a good month to do workings related to wisdom and knowledge, dowsing and divination , and dream journeys.


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If you're a creative type, such as an artist, writer, or musician, this is a good month to get your muse back, and find inspiration for your talents. Even if you normally don't do so, write a poem or song this month. The Vine month is a time of great harvest — from the grapes of the Mediterranean to the fruits of the northern regions, the Vine produces fruits we can use to make that most wondrous concoction called wine. The Celts called this month Muin. The Vine is a symbol of both happiness and wrath — passionate emotions, both of them. Do magical workings this month connected to the Autumn Equinox, or Mabon , and celebrate garden magic, joy and exhilaration, wrath and rage, and the darker aspect of the mother goddess.

Use the leaves of the Vines to enhance your own ambition and goals. The month of Vine is also a good time to get balanced , as there are equal hours of darkness and light. As the year comes to a close and Samhain approaches , the Ivy moon rolls in at the end of the harvest season. Ivy often lives on after its host plant has died — a reminder to us that life goes on, in the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth.

The Celts called this month Gort , pronounced go-ert. This is a time to banish the negative from your life.

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Do workings related to improving yourself, and placing a barricade between you and the things that are toxic to you. Ivy can be used in magic performed for healing, protection, cooperation, and to bind lovers together. Reed is typically used to make wind instruments, and this time of year, its haunting sounds are sometimes heard when the souls of the dead are being summoned to the Underworld.

This is a time for divination and scrying. If you're going to have a seance , this is a good month to do it. In Celtic astrology, trees symbolize life, death, and renewal The Hawthorn moon period is full of magic. Some believe this tree houses the fairies.

Hawthorn is, in some ways, the fairy tree, forming a portal to the fairy realms and holding strong magic. The Hawthorn fairy offers access to the Otherworld, but also protects the unwary, so it is important to be patient with this spirit. She can enchant your life, bringing growth and fertility to all areas.

She suggests union of sun and moon, and of male and female. She promises cleansing, fulfillment, guardianship, and fertility. Your color is silver and your gemstone is carnelian. As a Hazel tree sign, you are prized for your intellect, maturity and perspective. Your ogham is Coll, which represents wisdom, and is therefore strongest when you are feeling tested or when you must put faith in your head over your heart.

The crane and the salmon are the animals associated with the Hazel tree sign. Your color is brown and your gemstone is the amethyst.

Which tree are you, according to the Celtic calendar and astrology?

The sign of the Vine carries an uninhibited nature and the strength of foresight. Your ogham is Muin, which symbolizes the power of prophecy and faraway thinking. The Celts linked the lizard, the hound and the white swan to the energy of the Vine. Your colors are pastels and your gemstone is the emerald. Represented by the Celtic tree sign Ivy, you are famous for your sheer determination and willpower.

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Your ogham is Gort, which symbolizes progress and aids in overcoming obstacles that stand in your path. The boar, the butterfly and the goose are the animals associated with the Ivy sign. Your color is blue and your gemstone is opal. Under the sign of the Reed you are celebrated for your open-minded attitude and worldly sophistication. Your ogham is Ngetal, which symbolizes unity and is especially beneficial when you venture out of your comfort zone. The animals associated with the Reed sign are the hound and the owl. Your color is orange and your gemstone is jasper.

The energy of the Elder sign is wise beyond its years. Your ogham is Ruis, which represents maturity, and is beneficial when you must come to terms with a difficult situation or heal from heavy emotional pain. The Celts linked the badger, the black horse and the raven to the energy of the Elder tree. Your color is gold and your gemstone is jet.

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Celtic astrology hawthorn

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