January 4 2020 blue moon astrology

Mars enters Scorpio

When the slower-moving planets are retrograde, they turn your attention inwards.

hen Is The Next "Blue Moon?"

This is a brilliant retrograde phase for planning any activity linked to Sagittarius. Think of the next few months as a planning stage, ready to launch your trip, project, course in September. This follows on from the Full Moon on March 21st at 0 deg Libra, the beginning of the sign.

With Moon in Libra relationships are our focus, with the need to release those that no longer serve so we may invite new ones that do! The key is to find balance between opposites, to work at compromise and create agreements that are fair and just for both sides concerned. Sun enters Taurus on April 20th and immediately makes a conjunction with Uranus at 2 degrees Taurus on April 22nd. This is the first time in 84 years we have Sun in Taurus triggering this brand new astro signature underpinning the revolution to heal our earth over the next 7 years.

I covered this last month in depth, so for now I am very heartened by the rise of voices demanding action on climate change and renewable energy sources here in Oz at last , along with a rising wave of support to include our first nation indigenous knowledge of correct management of this fragile ecosystem known as Oz. We can expect the unexpected as usual with Uranus, in this case the other theme of Taurus is money and resources.

Moon Phases – Lunar Calendar for Islamabad, Pakistan

A recurring feature of the evolutionary process on offer from the cycles of the big planets brings us the best and worst of the themes of activity! And on the upside we are seeing the demand for accountability from our leaders and institutions as we average citizens are appalled by the misuse and abuse of global resources in the never ending quest for profit at the expense of Gaia and her people and natural systems.

Since the Christchurch massacre in March we finally have an example of this healthy strong compassionate new archetype and her name is Jacinda Ardern the PM of New Zealand. She deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for exemplifying the true nature of a leader for our new age…just around the corner! During our 2 days we will:. And you are welcome to book a session to empower your life for My new Astrology Certificate e-Course! Yes crystals washed and ready to be freshly charged ok? We also have Mars now Taurus for the next 6 weeks bringing a welcome relief from his hard driving run through Aries since the new year.

This year the whole Pisces thing gets a huge extra focus right through until mid April courtesy of:. Thus guidance here as follows:.

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Mercury Retrograde in Pisces Mercury retrogrades apparently goes backward three times each year. The retro periods are opportunities to re-do, re-evaluate, re-organize, research, review and plan our activity. On February 10 th he stepped into Pisces where he remains until April 17 th bringing us on the upside a beautiful opportunity to commune with our higher nature to work with our intuition and imagination…very artistic with a tendency to escapism from worldly concerns.

Downside brings us major confusion and lack of clarity with deception and wonderment about who and what to believe!

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He turns retro on 5 th March to 27 th March 29 deg Pisces — then direct on March 28th but not until 17 th April for full steam ahead when he enters Aries. I have included lots of info on both as you scroll down. Chiron steps into Aries on February 18th — until ! Chiron is the newest member of our Solar System, discovered in and cycling between Saturn and Uranus with a year cycle.

When a new planet becomes visible to us, it activates a new archetype in our collective psyche that demands recognition as an ingredient in our evolutionary process. Then low and behold, the attributes of the mythological God mysteriously correlate with the unfolding narrative of our Global process. Big time synchronicity here, as with so many other Astro phenomena! His myth contains rising above the pain of his abandonment and rejection to become a wise healer and teacher to many of the great Greek heroes, and mythically the Centaur horse-man symbolically unites our mortal and immortal nature.

The horse is considered to be the bridge between the world of form and the world of the unseen. So Chiron connects us to Galactic Consciousness! BTW the mid-point of this was OK so on with Chiron in Aries. Once they are in our objective awareness they become a much more active force.

Goddess knows this is essential if we are to ever build a peaceful world. They either believe they have no power to act OR are over-reactive and defiant with a determination to defeat apparent opposition and are unable to co-operate to invite support. Classic stuff. So the SAFE outcome here requires we have a good look at our compliance or aggression patterns and make the decision to change them, and let go of our defensive behaviors.

Just say this to yourself many times a day as you hold your hand over your belly, the seat of our emotions. Who am I? Why am I here? Conscious warriors are not impulsive or driven by knee jerk reaction.

They understand the reality that we need discipline to empower and use our will wisely! When this revolutionary change agent comes calling to each sign every seven years we experience an upgrade in the affairs of the sign, in this case Taurus, with far reaching implications. His rulership over science and technology, plus human rights movements assures us of radical departures from existing conditions across the board.


When Is The Next Full Moon? 12222 Dates, Times and Names

As he is the key player in our unfolding revolution, his entrance into Taurus for the first time since in his 84 year cycle is hugely significant. Our Sky God is about to come down to earth to revolutionize our ecological systems with a wave of amazing inventions and groups of people who will clean up our world over the next 7 years. Taurean associations arise from the core principle of VALUES, hence all things to do with nature and our earth along with money and wealth distribution.

So as Uranus comes calling to Taurus over the next seven years he brings his lightning bolt of creative fire to innovate and give birth to great changes in our economic and material world. Taurus bring up our survival issues and our ability to establish foundations by being aware of and using resources effectively.

The more self-reliance that exists the more survival is guaranteed. So how can we use Uranus in Taurus to uplift and liberate our lives? The freedom and liberation of Uranus allows us to break free from old value systems that restrict or inhibit our true individual expression, so we can begin to use our resources in inventive new ways!

Uranus is a smart i. Here is your Mantra my friends! This will be a fantastic period if we are adaptable and allow the nature of our work or source of making a living to become exciting and challenging beyond our old expectations! Well congratulations if you have made it to the end of this little missive!!


Live long and prosper my friends Much love Maggie. Happy to you!! May it be a prosperous and fulfilling year full of fresh adventures and a fab dose of positivity!! Officially our year began on January 1st but In terms of setting your intentions for get set for using the powerful Solar Eclipse on Saturday 6th!

It is 15 degrees of Capricorn sandwiched between both Saturn and Pluto so this one pulls no punches when it comes to initializing a powerful new phase in our personal career goals and aspirations. Very positive!! Have a fabulous month and year my friends!! The partial halo that you noticed might be due to ice particles in high clouds cirrus in the atmosphere. Hope it's a good day , thanks for the information. I love this article. I have heard people talking about the pink moon so I decided to research it myself. Thank You for always offering excellent Moon Information!

I would love to see more about "Old Stories" and Folklore! Is that once a lifetime chance? Will be there more pink moon in near future? Please help, if you know answer and a website confirms it.

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  5. The name was used by the Algonquin tribe, as well as by colonial Americans. It was a forbidden love from long ago.

    Still whispering softly after years and years. It won't stop until it winds around again, dangerously entangling two lives separate. Her heart skips a beat, hasn't done this since years long gone past. What is this!?! She suddenly can't stop the fluttering, she smiles, remembering innocent tender embraces. His plump rosy childish lips.

    So similar they were bound by the laws of the universe to meet again, no amount of time or distance could keep them apart. Secret lovers, unbearably passionate that no one but they alone will ever understand. And she waits. Because she knows the power of this and the inevitable. She waits with a hidden smile of joy in her heart.

    january 4 2020 blue moon astrology January 4 2020 blue moon astrology
    january 4 2020 blue moon astrology January 4 2020 blue moon astrology
    january 4 2020 blue moon astrology January 4 2020 blue moon astrology
    january 4 2020 blue moon astrology January 4 2020 blue moon astrology
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